Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bill Cowher Press Conference Notes

Bill Cowher met with the assembled meeting on Tuesday, and thanks to the miracle of the internet Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic was there. Here is a portion of what Mr. Cowher discussed.
  • Injuries: Verron Haynes (ACL -- surgery on Wednesday) and Arnold Harrison (ACL -- surgery date TBD) have been placed in injured reserve, and are out for the remainder of the season. Roster moves are expected to be made this week. Four other players are out of the Denver game: Mike Logan, James Harrison, Willie Reid, and Jeff Hartings (MCL sprain, week-to-week). Several additional players are questionable, and still more are doubtful.
  • 2-5: Mr. Cowher acknowledged that there is a great deal of frustration at having lost so many games, and he accepts responsibility for where the team is at seven games into the season.
  • Coaching Status: He doesn't feel as though the uncertainty surrounding his status is having an affect.
  • QB Play: One of last Sunday's interceptions was understandable -- Coach Cowher saw what Ben Roethlisberger saw -- but the other three are on Mr. Roethlisberger. Of course, not being able to run the ball in from the 1-yard line didn't help matters at all. But in the final analysis, Ben Roethlisberger is a good football who is going to bounce back.
  • Concussions: Ben Roethlisberger felt fine, and was ok to play. However, Mr. Cowher understands the interest in his quarterback's situation, as well as his own situation (i.e. is Coach Cowher going to return for the 2007 season?), and "is going to deal with that."
  • Chukky Okobi: He's a consistent, capable player. Marvin Phillips is going to get some extra work, as will Kendall Simmons (at center).
  • Fourth Down Play Versus Oakland: Ben Roethlisberger would not have scored on the fourth and goal play, if he had run; and Coach Cowher has not seen any reluctance to run in Mr. Roethlisberger this season.
  • Denver: The defense is one of the most talented groups in the league. They are not a very big group, but they have excellent team speed, and are aggressive to the ball.
  • Special Teams: The Steelers are languishing near the bottom in several of the categories (e.g. kick coverage, punt return). He offered no explanation or excuses as to why that might be happening.
  • Inconsistencies: Different areas have been inconsistent at different times, so it wouldn't be fair to point out any one area.
  • Turnovers: The Steelers have turned over the football 18 times in 7 games -- that's a big problem.

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