Sunday, November 05, 2006

Denver v. Steelers: Instant First Half Analysis

Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic was created in the hopes of providing a more in-depth, thoughtful brand of football discourse. However, when a team plays horribly there isn't much you "analysis" possible, or even necessary.

Obviously the Broncos wanted to get off to a fast start, in the hopes of further discouraging a discouraged football team and creating unrest amongst the Steelers partisans. What the Broncos could have never counted on, though they may have hoped for it, is the way the Steelers are contributing to their game plan.

So, despite dominating the game in every statistical category except the score (e.g. First Downs: Denver 5, Steelers 13; Total Net Yards: Denver 106, Steelers 266; Total Offensive Plays: Denver 22, Steelers 40) the Steelers find themselves trailing 14-10 at halftime.

Fumbles, interceptions, and missed field goals will do that to a team.

And the fact that Cedric Wilson is returning punts would seem -- given that he has returned all of 13 punts in his previous five years in the NFL, and didn't return a single punt during the 2005 season -- an indication that Bill Cowher is no longer willing to tolerate what could charitably be described as the "growing pains" (i.e. fumbles).

On the defensive unit is performing reasonably well, however they continue to struggle mightily at stopping opponents after the Steelers offense turns the ball over. Given all the practice they are getting this season you would think that Dick LeBeau and his staff would have figured out this facet of the game.

Time for the second half kickoff!

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