Sunday, November 26, 2006

Steelers @ Baltimore: Instant First-Half Analysis

Craig Wolfley, the sideline reporter for the Steelers' radio network, indicated that he didn't like the body language of the Steelers' players during the first half. His observation was that there seemed to be no enthusiasm, no fire in Pittsburgh's players.

Imagine how Steelers fans feel.

Baltimore has completely dominated the first half of the game, in every phase of the game; so much so that there isn't much to analyze (and yet there is SO MUCH to analyze, isn't there?). Baltimore's domination of the first half off the game is reflected in any number at which someone would care to look.

First Downs: Steelers 3, Ravens 15
Net Rushing Yards: Steelers -14, Ravens 95
Passing Yards: Steelers 22, Ravens 121

The only good news for the Steelers is that they didn't commit any turnovers in the first half.

Perhaps most surprising has been the Steelers' inability to stop Baltimore's running game. Indicative of their ineffectiveness is the fact that their leading tackler in the first half was Bryant McFadden. Whatever else happens in the last two quarters the Steelers simply need to play with more passion.



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