Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tampa Bay v. Steelers: Team Matchups

There is no doubt that last Sunday's loss was one of the worst performances that any Steelers team in recent memory has produced, and some of my enthusiasm for analyzing what has turned into a bad football team (albeit with talented players) has wavered.

But let's press on, and hope for good things against a team that hates cold weather.

Tampa Bay Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: TB "O", 30th (254.2) v. Steelers "D", 11th (306.1)

Average net rushing yards per game: TB "O", 29th (92.1) v. Steelers "D", 11th (99.8)

Avg. net passing yards per game: TB "O", 29th (162.1), v. Steelers "D", 17th (206.3)

Third down conversions: TB "O", 24th (34.0%) v. Steelers "D", 20th (40.0%)

Average points per game: TBs "O", 31st (12.91) v. Steelers "D", 26th (23.1)

Steelers Offense v. Tampa Bay Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers "O", 5th (353.7) v. TB "D", 23rd (340.6)

Avg. net rushing yards per game: Steelers "O", 13th (107.6) v. TB "D", 22nd (122.7)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers "O", 4th (246.1) v. TB "D", 22nd (217.9)

Third down conversions: Steelers "O", 5th (41.4%) v. TB "D", 13th (37.0%)

Average points per game: Steelers "O", 8th (21.73) v. TB "D", 24th (22.91)

Special Teams
Average yardage per punt return: TB 28th (6.7), Steelers 30th (6.3)
Average yardage allowed per punt return: TB 24th (9.9), Steelers 11th (7.5)

Average yardage per kick return: TB 20th (21.8), Steelers 13th (23.0)
Average yardage allowed per kick return: TB 2nd (19.6), Steelers 26th (24.5)

Net yardage punting average: TB 21st (36.4), Steelers 19th (36.6)
Opponent net yardage punting average: TB 7th (35.5), Steelers 31st (40.0)

Turnovers: TB 28th (-8), Steelers 32nd (-12)

Time of possession: TB 3rd (30:14), Steelers 11th (30:48)

Red Zone Touchdown Efficiency: TB 11th (54.5%), Steelers 19th (50.0%)
Red Zone (Touchdowns) Defense: TB 27th (62.5%), Steelers 14th (50.0%)



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