Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is News?

How far have the Cleveland Browns fallen? Apparently so far that when one of their players professes his belief in his team's ability to win a game it becomes front page (at least the front of the sports page) news.

In recent online edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Browns' wide receiver Braylon Edwards was quoted as saying of the upcoming game against the Steelers "We're coming after their [tails] [. . .] You don't beat somebody 41-0 at their own house. We're coming for the Steelers, that's point-blank, period."

In a normal season comments like these -- coming as they do from the #2 receiver on the team whose offense is 29th in the NFL so far this season in total yards gained, and 24th in scoring -- would be laughable. But given the struggles the Steelers have experienced all threats have to be taken seriously.



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