Monday, December 04, 2006

Charges Dimissed

This item from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tells the story, but the short version is this: after much controversy and attention, the charges of domestic violence that Santonio Holmes was facing have been dismissed.

"Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes this morning said he's looking forward to getting on with his life and career after a Franklin County Municipal Court judge dismissed domestic violence charges against him.

Judge Michael T. Brandt dismissed charges of domestic violence and assault after being assured by Mr, Holmes' lawyers that their client has been involved in a counseling program offered by the National Football League.

The charges stemmed from a June 19 incident involving LaShae Boone of Columbus, the mother of one of his three children.

'It doesn't mean anger-management classes,' Mr. Holmes said after the hearing. 'It just means I needed someone else to talk with about all the situations and to get an understanding of what was going on.'

Mr. Holmes' Columbus girlfriend, Ms. Boone, had been reluctant to testify against the 22-year-old former Ohio State University standout who the Steelers selected in the first round of this year's NFL draft. She offered no comment as assistant city prosecutor Steven McIntosh requested dismissal of the charges.

The couple's 10-month-old daughter, Shaniya, sat on her mother's lap, chattering and eagerly looking at her father as he appeared before the judge.

Mr. Holmes offered little comment before the judge, but later said that while he's glad to have the charges dropped they had not affected his play on the field.

'Not at all,' he said. 'I'm an NFL football player, and that's my job.'

Before dismissing the charges, Judge Brandt gave some advice to Mr. Holmes.

'Everything you do in your life will be watched more carefully and more closely than other people. That is because you've been blessed with a God-given athletic ability and talent that let's you do what other people just dream about,' the judge told him. 'You don't need this distraction. You have a job a lot of people would love to have. Take advantage of it and use it fully and take care of your kids
.' "



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