Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cowher Watch

Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic has outlined just who can be expected to compete for the head coaching job of the Pittsburgh Steelers --both internal candidates and the external candidates -- assuming that Bill Cowher steps down.

Now comes this tidbit from Pro Football Weekly:
'It does not look like many jobs are going to open this year. After having so many (10) turn over a year ago, there might be only one or two this year. That's a good thing if you are an owner. It becomes a buyer's market. You're not competing with other teams for the best coach. The hot prospects are always the guys who got shut out of jobs the previous year because of the playofffs -- the Ron Riveras and Ken Whisenhunts.' "

Both of those coaches are included in our list of names with which Steelers fans should become familiar.

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