Saturday, December 09, 2006

Getting Draft Ready

Like all fans of the Steelers I'd love to see another "December Miracle" occur, and the playoffs become a reality for the Black & Gold. However, the odds are definitely stacked against the team, and as a result it's prudent to begin looking forward -- to the end of April.

One of the best resources for the NFL draft is Ourlads Scouting Services, and they recently released their list of the "highest rated draft eligible seniors" (i.e. as a rule Ourlads does not project the draft status of underclassmen until, and unless, they have declared for the draft). This particular list is not a prediction of where the players will be drafted, but rather is a ranking based upon abilities. Here is Ourlads Top Twenty:

01. Tony Smith, QB (Ohio State) -- Heisman Trophy winner
02. Brady Quinn, QB (Notre Dame)
03. Joe Thomas, OT (Wisconsin) -- Outland Trophy winner
04. LaRon Landry, FS (LSU)
05. Leon Hall, CB (Michigan)
06. Gaines Adams, DE (Clemson)
07. Quentin Moses, DE (Georgia)
08. Marcus McCauley, CB (Fresno State)
09. Marcus Thomas, DT (Florida)
10. Paul Posluszny, LB (Penn State)
11. Levi Brown, OT (Penn State)
12. Patrick Willis, LB (Mississippi)
13. Michael Friffin, SS (Texas)
14. Jeff Samardzija, WR (Notre Dame)
15. Aaron Ross, CB (Texas)
16. Quinn Pitcock, DT (Ohio State)
17. Adam Carriker, DE (Nebraska)
18. Victor Abiamiri, DE (Notre Dame)
19. Tim Crowder, DE (Texas)
20. David Harris, LB (Michigan)

Going into this Sunday's games the Steelers are in the thirteenth draft position.

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