Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Rumor Mill Begins to Churn

Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic was out early with its conjecture of who the leading candidates will be for the Steelers' head coaching position if, and when, Bill Cowher steps aside. However, the mainstream media is now getting into things and the name of Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is being mentioned as a possible replacement.

Certainly Mr. Ferentz is a quality football coach who has experience at both the NFL and college levels. However choosing him as the head coach for the Steelers would be something of a surprise given the team's modus operandi.

Specifically, the Steelers have not had a head coach who came directly from a college campus since John Michelson was hired -- in 1948!

Obviously the Rooney family will, as always, seek to do what is best for the franchise. Despite Mr. Ferentz's qualifications he is not a candidate who distinguishes himself from those already coaching at the coordinator level in the National Football League.

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