Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Steelers @ Carolina: Team Matchups

As Ed Bouchette discusses in his Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article "Shattered Dreams," the Panthers and Steelers are amongst the more disappointing teams in the 2006 season.

Here is the tale of the tape for "Disappointment Bowl 2006":

Panthers Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: Panthers "O", 16th (321.2) v. Steelers "D", 9th (300.8)

Average net rushing yards per game: Panthers "O", 21st (102.1) v. Steelers "D", 5th (94.0)

Average net passing yards per game: Panthers "O", 12th (219.2), v. Steelers "D", 13th (206.8)

Third down conversions: Panthers "O", 32nd (29.8%) v. Steelers "D", 18th (39.8%)

Average points per game: Panthers "O", 28th (17.38) v. Steelers "D", 15th (20.31)

Steelers Offense v. Panthers Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers "O", 6th (360.5) v. Panthers "D", 10th (304.4)

Average net rushing yards per game: Steelers "O", 14th (120.2) v. Panthers "D", 14th (110.3)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers "O", 8th (240.2) v. Panthers "D", 10th (194.1)

Third down conversions: Steelers "O", 5th (42.9%) v. Panthers "D", 2nd (28.6%)

Average points per game: Steelers "O", 10th (22.0) v. Panthers "D", 7th (18.77)

Special Teams
Average yardage per punt return: Panthers 32nd (4.6), Steelers 29th (6.7)
Average yardage allowed per punt return: Panthers 2nd (5.7), Steelers 4th (6.6)

Average yardage per kick return: Panthers 32nd (19.2), Steelers 16th (22.7)
Average yardage allowed per kick return: Panthers 15th (21.9), Steelers 22nd (23.1)

Net yardage punting average: Panthers 3rd (38.7), Steelers 22nd (36.2)
Opponent net yardage punting average: Panthers 19th (40.2), Steelers 30th (38.8)

Turnovers: Panthers 26th (-7), Steelers 27th (-8)

Time of possession: Panthers 22nd (29:34), Steelers 10th (30:37)

Red Zone Touchdown Efficiency: Panthers 22nd (46.2%), Steelers 19th (50.0%)
Red Zone (Touchdowns) Defense: Panthers 17th (52.8%), Steelers 10th (47.4%)



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