Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brian St. Pierre a Patriots' Fan?

In an article appearing in the Salem News, Pittsburgh Steelers third-string quarterback Brian St. Pierre gushes ad nauseum about the excellence that is the New England Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady.

Indeed Mr. St. Pierre -- a Boston College graduate and native of Salem, Massachusetts -- is quoted as saying that "God obviously wears a Patriots' jersey;" and as if that isn't galling enough to Steelers fans he goes on to say that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady "is the best in the game."

One wonders just what kind of conversations Mr. St. Pierre and Ben Roethlisberger will have as the result of such public comments.

Finally, when asked about recently retired coach Bill Cowher, Mr. St. Pierre said simply:
"He didn't give me an opportunity. That's the only problem I had with him."

Of course Mr. St. Pierre is no doubt holding similar comments in reserve for when Ravens head coach Brian Billick, who also kept Mr. St. Pierre buried on that team's depth chart, also resigns/retires/is fired.

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