Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cam Cameron Off Steelers' List - UPDATE

UPDATE - January 10, 2006 10:00AM PST is reporting that Tom Coughlin is staying put in New York.

Additionally, in brief comments with Los Angeles media outlets, Pete Carrol confirmed that he spoke with Wayne Huizenga about the Miami Dolphins' head coaching position, but expects to return to USC for the 2007 season.

Original Posting
In our recent Mike Tomlin posting we pointed out that it was beginning to appear that Chargers Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron was no longer on the Steelers' list of potential head coaching candidates. Now comes pseudo-confirmation of as much from ESPN's John Clayton.

In an "ESPN Insider" article (i.e. premium content) Mr. Clayton indicates that the "Steelers didn't have enough time" to interview both Mr. Cameron and Bears Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera. Inferred in Mr. Clayton's article, and speculated upon on Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic, is the belief that Steelers perceive Ken Whisenhunt to be (at a minimum) Mr. Cameron's equal.

An email from Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic to San Diego's Communication Director Bill Johnston seeking information as to whether or not the Steelers had sought permission to speak with Mr. Cameron was not immediately answered.

The Steelers organization (along with Miami and Arizona -- the Raiders? Who knows what they're doing) are no doubt moving quickly in an effort to stay ahead of the Giants who are likely to axe Tom Coughlin, with a decision expected to be announced publicly later this week.

While it would be unfair to characterize the Steelers as cheap the Rooneys do understand the importance of bargaining leverage, and it appears that Steelers Assistant Head Coach Russ Grimm has very little. Additionally, Mr. Tomlin would also be a low-cost, big potential candidate. Finally, unless Wayne Huizenga plans on hiring Ken Whisenhunt (and in the same article Mr. Clayton indicates that the Dolphins' owner is looking for a "big name" candidate, hence the flight to Costa Rica to meet with USC head coach Pete Carroll) the price for the Steelers' Offensive Coordinator may be falling as well.

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