Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Early Look at the Draft:
The Offense, Part II

Using a very interesting methodology, the experts at Football Outsiders have attempted to critically evaluate the offensive line play in the NFL. It's something that resists easy, statistical analysis but Football Outsiders has done a terrific job. The bad news is that the Steelers offensive line finished the season ranked 22nd in run blocking and 25th in pass blocking.

With that in mind we now look at the tight ends and offensive linemen available in this year's draft.

Tight Ends (Overall Rating: Poor)

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 time
Scott ChandlerIowa6'6"2584.78
Matt SpaethMinnesota6'6"2574.83
Joe NewtonOregon State6'7"258Unavailable

Offensive Tackles (Overall Rating: Below Average)

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 time
Joe ThomasWisconsin6'6"3105.20
Joe StaleyCentral Michigan6'5"3004.75
Levi BrownPenn State6'4"3255.30

Offensive Guards (Overall Rating: Above Average)

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 time
Justin BlaylockTexas6'4"3305.20
Ben GrubbsAuburn6'3"3025.15
Aaron SearsTennessee6'4"3385.45

Centers (Overall Rating: Below Average)

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 time
Ryan KalilUSC6'2"2855.20
Leroy HarrisNC State6'2"2965.25
Enoka LucasOregon6'3"3005.35



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