Monday, January 22, 2007

Is Cowher's Phone Ringing?

With this morning's announcement from Texas that Bill Parcells is retiring as head coach, there can be little doubt that Bill Cowher's name is going to be heard frequently amongst those who the Cowboys will be considering for their open position. Additionally, with Mike Tomlin now officially the head coach of the Steelers, there is a good possibility that several of Mr. Cowher's former assistant coaches will be available to serve with him again.

Of course the question of compensation will be out there as well, and it would be reasonable to expect the Steelers to insist on Dallas' number one pick (they pick in the 22nd spot) -- though perhaps not this year, given that draft "experts" generally give this year's crop of available players low marks -- and cash.

Just when you thought we could all focus on the Steelers' current head coach, up pops Bill Cowher again!



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