Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Steelers' Draft Position Set

The experts at Ourlads Scouting Service have managed to figure out the first (more or less) the first twenty positions for the 2007 NFL Draft, and the Steelers are going to be picking #15.

Here is a look at the top twenty according to Ourlads:
  1. Oakland
  2. Detroit
  3. Cleveland/Tampa Bay (to be decided by a coin flip)
  4. Cleveland/Tampa Bay (to be decided by a coin flip)
  5. Arizona
  6. Washington
  7. Minnesota
  8. Houston
  9. Miami
  10. Atlanta
  11. San Francisco
  12. Buffalo
  13. St. Louis
  14. Carolina
  15. Pittsburgh
  16. Green Bay
  17. Jacksonville
  18. Cincinnati
  19. Tennessee
  20. Denver Broncos*
On the Ourlads site the New York Giants are listed in the twentieth spot, with Denver listed at #21. However, because the Giants made the playoffs (oh to be in the NFC!) they will slide down the draft board.



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