Saturday, February 10, 2007

Faneca Disappointed in Hiring of Tomlin

It is indicative of the man and his honesty that Alan Faneca adnitted to being disappointed that Mike Tomlin, and not Russ Grimm, was hired as the Steelers head coach.

In this item found at the website for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Tribune the Steelers participating in the Pro Bowl weigh-in on the newly hired coach:

"Willie Parker can't wait to play for new Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Alan Faneca and Troy Polamalu are reserving judgment.

The Steelers' four Pro Bowl participants had divergent reactions to Pittsburgh's decision last month to hire Tomlin, the former Vikings defensive coordinator. The Steelers passed over veteran assistants Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt.

'I wanted Russ to get the job,' said Faneca, a six-time Pro Bowl guard. 'It's a guy we know, and a guy I'm experienced with.'

Defensive tackle Casey Hampton is looking forward to next season after speaking with Vikings defensive stars Kevin Williams and Pat Williams.

'I heard he's a real smart guy, very cool,' Hampton said.

Parker, the Steelers' star running back, needed only one meeting with Tomlin to be sold.

'He made a hell of a first impression,' Parker said. '... It's going to be really exciting to play for him.'

Polamalu, Pittsburgh's three-time Pro Bowl safety, is waiting to see what that intensity means.

'The first impression doesn't go too far in this world,' Polamalu said. 'It's about how you execute, and what you do with it.'

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