Friday, February 23, 2007

No Vote of Confidence for Joey

For those who might be wondering about the long-term future (with the Steelers, that is) of Joey Porter, you can now begin wondering about his short-term future as well.

With Mr. Porter set to receive a roster bonus of $1,000,000 on March 6th, new head coach Mike Tomlin, who is attending the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, was asked about his linebacker's contract situation and responded simply by saying "I'm not going to prejudge anyone or any situation."

It's not immediately clear what that means, or what it portends for one the Steelers leaders.

Here is the full-text of an item from Yahoo! news, via the website of WTAE-TV:

"The Pittsburgh Steelers' new head coach Mike Tomlin has a big decision to make long before the season starts, and it concerns the future of linebacker Joey Porter.

Tomlin talked about the situation on Thursday in Indianapolis, where he will gauge talent at the NFL combine, which begins later in the week.

Porter has made it clear that he wants to remain on the team, however, he turns 30 next month, and he has just one year remaining on his current deal, which would bring him $4 million next season.

But spending the necessary money to resign him to a longer-term deal is a decision Tomlin isn't ready to make.

'You need to be careful when you talk about making decisions like that, because if you're not careful, you'll try to tell a story, as opposed to letting things happen,' said Tomlin.

Tomlin told the national media attending the combines only that Porter is currently a Steeler, and he's under contract.

Porter is due a $1 million bonus on March 6, but Tomlin has no plans for making any hasty decisions simply because that date is approaching.

'A lot of times, if you slow the process down and watch it unfold, the decisions become clearer to you, so I'm taking that approach,' said Tomlin. 'I'm not going to prejudge anyone or any situation.'

Tomlin further said that he does not give himself a grace period to grow into the job and expects to have success quickly



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