Monday, February 26, 2007

Steelers to Open 2007 in Arizona?

According to the average high temperature in Glendale, Arizona in September is 101 degrees.

So, it is with some concern that we report on the rumor (as reported on the website of the Arizona Republic) that the NFL is considering asking the Steelers to open the season, in Glendale, against Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals.

Of course the University of Phoenix stadium has a retractable roof, but we all know that the Cardinals will do all the can to make the Steelers uncomfortable, and playing with that roof open would be part of the plan.

"At the NFL scouting combine, rumor and speculation are as prevalent as team logos. You bump into them everywhere you turn.

Here's one from Saturday. Word is the Cardinals might open the 2007 season Sunday night, Sept. 9, against the Steelers at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

It makes sense. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was an assistant with the Steelers, as was offensive line coach Russ Grimm. Both were thought to be possible successors to Bill Cowher, who stepped down. Instead, the Steelers hired Mike Tomlin.

Steelers fans are among the most supportive in the NFL, and Whisenhunt knows he has a ways to go to create that kind of passion in Arizona.

'There is a reason the Steelers have a loyal fan base, and it's because they won a lot of football games,' Whisenhunt said Saturday. 'Hopefully, we will put a product out there, a competitive, tough, smart team, that will win some games because we have some people that want to become fans.'

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