Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Verron Haynes Day in Pitsburgh

Verron Haynes is one of my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers. He has an enthusiasm for the game that is boundless, and he was an unsung hero -- because of his hard running and outstanding special teams play -- on the Steelers' most recent Super Bowl championship team.

Now comes word from that Tuesday, February 13, 2007 was Verron Haynes Day in the city of Pittsburgh. According to the item on the Steelers' website Mr. Haynes was honored "for his involvement in the community" which includes work with the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania, and the Verron Haynes Foundation (which raised money for breast cancer research).

The boorish behavior of athletes will always garner headlines -- whether owning a cache of weapons, trading in the cough syrup black market, or driving with enough alcohol in your system to kill a lesser man -- so it is nice to be able to highlight the good works of a good player.



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