Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reasonable People Can Disagree

In a recent posting here I argued that Joey Porter could have done better for himself -- on the field that is, he was never going to get more money anywhere else -- if he had signed with a team that would use him as the "featured" linebacker. However, Scout Inc.'s Scott Williamson, writing for, is taking issue with Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic.

Ok, so he's never actually heard of Pittsburgh Steelers Fantic, but it is his opinion that Joey Porter is a good fit for the Dolphins, going so far as to say "Dom Capers knows what he has in Porter and certainly knows that he is an upgrade over last year's starting SLB, Donnie Spragan, in any down-and-distance situation."

But in an apparent nod to the our perspective, and perhaps a salve for fans of the Black & Gold who are outraged at the loss of such a popular player, Mr. Williamson adds this: "In Pittsburgh, Porter was the 'top dog' in terms of pass rushers, and his declining skills were unable to support that distinction."

So, before we all swoon at the thought of seeing Joey Porter wearing a fish on the side of his head next season, consider the alternative: watching his skills degrade over the next few seasons, while wearing Black & Gold.



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