Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Predictions Begin

With training camps beginning next week, predictions are being released on just what the 2007 NFL regular season holds for the teams. According to ESPN Robert Walker, the sports book director at the Mirage, has set the over/under for wins and losses. Without further adieu, here they are:

AFC North
Pittsburgh: 9 wins
Baltimore: 9 wins
Cincinnati: 9 wins
Cleveland: 5.5 wins

Las Vegas is hedging its bets in a big way here and who can blame them -- over the last three seasons the division has had three different champions. Assuming that the divisional race will be as close as Vegas thinks (and when are they wrong?), the winner will be the team that wins the head-to-head battles.

AFC East
New England: 11.5 wins
New York Jets: 8 wins
Miami: 7 wins
Bufalo: 6 wins

New England is predicted to lead the NFL in wins in 2007

AFC West
San Diego: 10.5 wins
Denver: 9.5 wins
Kansas City: 7.5 wins
Oakland: 5 wins

San Diego is a good team with a mediocre coach -- bet the under! Oakland is predicted to be the NFL's worst team in 2007 (thank goodness the Steelers don't play them this season).

AFC South
Indianapolis: 10.5 wins
Jacksonville: 9 wins
Tennessee: 7 wins
Houston: 6.5 wins

NFC North
Chicago: 10 wins
Green Bay: 7.5 wins
Minnesota: 6.5 wins
Detroit: 6 wins

NFC East
Dallas: 9 wins
Philadelphia: 9 wins
New York Giants: 8 wins
Washington: 7.5 wins

Daniel Snyder's desecration of a once proud franchise continues -- nice career move Antwaan Randle-El.

NFC West
Seattle: 9 wins
San Francisco: 7.5 wins
St. Louis: 7.5 wins
Arizona: 7 wins

NFC South
Carolina: 9 wins
New Orleans: 9 wins
Atlanta: 7.5 wins
Tampa Bay: 7 wins

With the start of training camps Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic returns from its sabbatical. Look for regular updates, team overview, season preview, and much more beginning soon!

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