Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who's In, Who's Out?

With cut-down day looming large on the horizon -- the Steelers have to cut 22 players Saturday morning -- here are the players who on Thursday will be playing for a roster spot:
  1. Dallas Baker (WR): Needs a miracle, though at 6'3", 206 lbs he may warrant a spot on the practice squad.

  2. Cody Boyd (TE): At 6'8", 264 lbs it's a pity he can't play offensive tackle.

  3. Marquis Cooper (LB): He and Cody Boyd have both worn #48 this preseason giving rise to the question is this the "Curse of Matt Cushing?"

  4. Carey Davis (RB)
  5. Gary Russell (RB)
  6. Verron Haynes (RB): These guys are all very similar, but the numbers would seem to indicate that at least one, and probably two, of them is going to be on the outside looking in.

  7. Jon Dekker (TE): A favorite of Bill Cowher's. Unfortunately for him Mr. Cowher is now at home in North Carolina.

  8. John Kuhn (FB): A crowd favorite who, because he was active for eight games last season, is not eligible for the practice squad.

  9. William Gay (CB): His crushing hit, delivered during the Hall of Fame game, got everyone's attention. However, not much has happened for this young man since.

  10. Jovon Johnson (CB): The memory of his fumble recovery and return for a touchdown may help lessen the sting of being one of the Steelers' final cuts.

  11. Mike Lorello (S): He has played well in spurts and has contributed on special teams, but being buried on the depth chart behind Troy Polamalu and Tyrone Carter means Mr. Lorello will be looking for work come Saturday afternoon.

  12. Grant Mason (S): Finds himself behind Ryan Clark and Anthony Smith on the depth chart.

  13. Darnell Stapleton (C): Whatever else happens, at least one center on the depth chart will be cut.

  14. Brandon Torrey (OT): With the way that the Steelers' tackles have struggled in the preseason, the Eagles' game not withstanding, the fact that Mr. Torrey hasn't played speaks volumes.

  15. Scott Paxson (NT): Limited work in camp, simply did not do enough to supplant anyone else.

  16. Ryan McBean (DE): Ditto.

  17. Gerran Walker (WR): Given his history of injuries in college, and his inability to block effectively, it's a credit to his work ethic that he wasn't cut already.

  18. Ron Stanley (LB): Has had a good, not great, camp both on the field and as a special teams player. May be a Practice Squad invitee.

  19. Cameron Stephenson (G): Simply has not distinguished himself.

  20. Bryan Randall (QB): Very limited play may be a prelude to the Practice Squad.

  21. Brian St. Pierre (QB): Had a reasonably good camp, but it seems unlikely that the Steelers will be willing to carry three quarterbacks -- at least early in the season.

  22. Matt Spaeth (TE): A big disappointment, may not be worthy of even a spot on the Practice Squad.

  23. Jason Capizzi (OT): Has had a good camp and will either be claimed on waivers or added to the Practice Squad. The only reason Mr. Capizzi will be the odd man out is because of the uncertainty at center.

  24. Marvin Philip (C): This preseason was a great opportunity for Mr. Philip to show himself capable of at least being the backup to Sean Mahan. Mr. Philip didn't step up. As a result the Steelers will keep experienced, if ineffectual, Chukky Okobi for at least one more season.
Once cut players clear waivers a maximum of eight can be added to the team's Practice Squad.

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