Friday, December 28, 2007

Home Field Advantage in Baltimore?

The Steelers' most recent game, in St. Louis, was marked by a pronounced presence of Steelers faithful. And word is now coming out of Baltimore that something similar may happen this week at M&T Bank Stadium.

The article quotes a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Maryland as predicting that between 30 and 40 percent of the fans in attendance this Sunday will be Steelers fans. The stadium has a capacity of 71,000 seats which means that as many as 28,000 Black & Gold backers may be there.

The article also offers this quote from Terrell Suggs on the issue of Ravens' ticket holders selling their tickets to Steelers fans: "That's a slap in the face . . . We still belong to the city of Baltimore. We don't belong to Pittsburgh. If they're selling their tickets to Steelers fans, maybe they should be Steelers fans."

Terrell, if the Ravens have another season like this that might just happen

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