Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is hard to figure

On a day when George Mitchell called upon the leadership of Major League to strengthen its drug testing program comes a report that makes us wonder if the NFL shouldn't start some type of testing program for its owners.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has informed head coach Brian Billick that he will return as head coach in 2008.

Mr. Billick has a career, regular season, record of 71-61 since being hired as head coach prior to the 1999 season. However, since winning the Super Bowl in 2000 (his second season in Baltimore) the Ravens have a playoff record of 1-3 and have missed the playoffs completely in three of those six seasons. The Ravens are 4-9 so far in 2007.

While Mr. Bisciotti should be commended for being a patient, dare we say "Rooneyesque," owner; one has to wonder just what it will take for Mr. Billick to be relieved of his duties.

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