Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bill Cowher to Baltimore?
Oh, That Would be Fun

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun the Ravens have an interest in Bill Cowher for their vacant head coaching position.

"Sources close to the team also said the Ravens were preparing to make a run at former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, a CBS television analyst. One source said the Ravens were planning to meet with Cowher this weekend, but a team official said that is untrue. The Ravens, however, have not removed Cowher from consideration."

The feeling here is that purple would make Mr. Cowher look fat.

Beyond that, one of the things he always wanted was "total control" of the football operation -- a desire that eventually led to the power struggle with former Steelers general manager Tom Donahoe (a struggle that Mr. Cowher obviously won) -- and with Ossie Newsome firmly entrenched one has to wonder if such a partnership would be good for either Mr. Cowher or the Ravens.

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