Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting Draft Ready: More Mock Drafts

Mock drafts are, arguably, the best part of the NFL draft -- how can any player measure up to the hype? So, for your pleasure, here are more mock drafts:
  • NFL Draft Blitz: This is a bare-bones list -- player names, positions, and schools -- that has the Steelers choosing offensive tackle Michael Oher out of the University of Mississippi. It's a shame that there's no information about Mr. Oher on this page because, if his Wikipedia page is to be believed, his is an amazing story of survival and perseverance.

  • My NFL Draft: This site goes out on a bit of limb by projecting that the Steelers will choose Derrick Harvey, an outside linebacker from Florida who projects to defensive end in the NFL, with their first round pick. According to the folks at NFL Draft Scout, Mr. Harvey is the #2 defensive end in the 2008 draft.

  • Draft Daddy: This site presents a "best case" scenario for the Steelers, projecting that Sam Baker, offensive tackle from the University of Southern California, will fall to #23. That scenario is indirectly supported by Pat Kirwan, at NFL.com, who states that "opinions vary on where Baker will be drafted between first and early second round at this point, but it is still too early to tell."

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