Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jacksonville v. Steelers: Matchups,
The Wild Card Edition

We don't pay a great deal of attention to point spreads, but we couldn't help but notice that Jacksonville is only giving between a point and a point-and-a-half in some of the early lines, of course the Steelers are the only home team not favored.

And for those who might want to take some encouragement away from Jacksonville's loss to Houston just remember that the the Jaguars deactivated six of their most important players.

Lastly, since the 2000 season (i.e. 2000-2006, inclusive), in the Wild Card Weekend, the home teams have a collective record of 19-9. And the Steelers are 4-1 in the last five appearances during that weekend.

It seems as though we did something like this not too long ago, but here's a look at the Jaguars' and Steelers' updated numbers.

Jacksonville Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: Jacksonville offense 7th (357.4) v. Steelers defense 1st (266.4)

Average net rushing yards per game: Jacksonville offense 2nd (149.4) v. Steelers defense 3rd (89.9)

Average net passing yards per game: Jacksonville offense 17th (208.0) v. Steelers defense 3rd (176.5)

Average points per game: Jacksonville offense 6th (25.69) v. Steelers defense 2nd (16.81)

Steelers Offense v. Jacksonville Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers offense 17th (327.4) v. Jacksonville defense 12th (313.8)

Average net rushing yards per game: Steelers offense 3rd (135.5) v. Jacksonville defense 11th (100.3)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers offense 22nd (191.9) v. Jacksonville defense 15th (213.5)

Average points per game: Steelers offense: 9th (24.56) v. Jacksonville defense 10th (19.0)

Special Teams
Average yards per punt return: Jacksonville 8th (10.1) v. Steelers 30th (6.1)

Average yards allowed per punt return: Jacksonville 11th (7.8) v. Steelers 14th (8.6)

Average yards per kick return: Jacksonville 15th (22.7) v. Steelers 21st (22.0)

Average yards allowed per kick return: Jacksonville 4th (19.7) v. Steelers 16th (22.6)

Net yardage punting average: Jacksonville 14th (36.9) v. Steelers 9th (37.9)

Opponent net yardage punting average: Jacksonville 17th (37.3) v. Steelers 26th (38.6)

Turnover differential: Jacksonville 7th (+9) v. Steelers 12th (+3)

Time of possession: Jacksonville 3rd (32:06) v. Steelers 1st (34:41)

Red Zone touchdown efficiency: Jacksonville 9th (56.9%) v. Steelers 7th (58.2%)

Red Zone defense (touchdowns): Jacksonville 23rd (55.6%) v. Steelers 22nd (55.3%)

Sacks allowed: Jacksonville 15th (31) v. Steelers 25th (47)

Sacks: Jacksonville 9th (37) v. Steelers 13th (36)

Some Individual Numbers
Passer rating: David Garrard 3rd (102.2) v. Ben Roethlisberger 2nd (104.1)

Leading rushers: Fred Taylor 9th (1,202 yards) v. Willie Parker 4th
(1,316 yards) Note: Najeh Davenport, the Steelers' likely starter this Saturday, is 45th in the NFL in rushing, and has rushed for 499 yards.

Leading receiver: Ernest Wilford 83rd (45 catches, 518 yards, 11.5 per catch, 3 touchdowns) v. Hines Ward 26th (71 catches, 732 yards, 10.3 yards per catch, 7 touchdowns)

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