Friday, January 18, 2008

Traumatic Brain Injury: The Military & Football

Concussions amongst athletes has been a topic of some discussion in the media, including here at Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic.

Now comes a report from Bob Woodruff of ABC News on attempts by the United States Army to utilize special helmets that will measure the force of explosions that injured soldiers have faced. The simultaneous goals of the program are improvements in treatment for injured soldiers as well as improvements in protective equipment.

Helping in this effort is the Virginia Tech football program which is incorporating in-helmet sensors for its players. According to Tom Goodwin, a Virginia Tech engineer who is quoted on the web site that accompanies the report, the in-helmet sensors have been installed in order to [measure] the force of the blow, [and] so we can see where most of the blows are occurring."

It seems like an effort that is more than worthwhile, and one in which the National Football League should actively participate.