Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting Draft Ready: More Mock Drafts

Look, we're the first to admit that we don't know anything about scouting players or, in the parlance of draftknicks, "projecting how these young men will perform at the next level."

What we do know is how to use Google, so here are more thoughts from other websites in our continuing efforts to get you up to speed as we approach the draft.
  • Well known as a reliable source on college recruiting, the folks at Rivals also prepare a NFL mock draft, and their draft has the Steelers selecting Jeff Otah.

  • Draft King: This is a new entry, at least for us, in the mock draft wars; and they do a nice job (from their mouths to God's ear, please) in projecting Sam Baker as the Steelers' selection.

  • The Football Expert: We love mock drafts that go out on a limb and predict two, or more, rounds. This one is projecting Chris Williams, an offensive tackle from Vanderbilt as the first round choice for Pittsburgh; while in the second round they have Branden Albert, an offensive guard from Virginia, as the Steelers' man.

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