Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kevin Colbert Loves Chris Long has a brief article about Steelers' General Manager Kevin Colbert and the NFL Combine; and amongst other things Mr. Colbert reveals that Virginia defensive lineman Chris Long is "as NFL ready as you can find for the 3-4 [defensive scheme]."

There's also some tidbits are who will be leading the questioning of players during the interview phase of the combine (Thursday evening), and the team's use of a psychologist.

Meanwhile, at Pro Football Weekly, the suddenly loquacious Mr. Colbert confirmed what everyone has known for about . . . four months -- Alan Faneca is on his way out of town:
"We’ve talked to Alan previous to the season, we’ve talked to Alan recently, and the natural question, I think, would be, ‘Well, why didn’t you tag Alan, and you tagged Max Starks?’ . . . [i]n talking with Alan and talking with Alan’s representatives, he’s probably going to get significant money on the open market, and it’s probably money that we’re not going to be able to absorb. And if we did absorb it, (it) might limit what else we can do in free agency.”

Before anyone gets too excited, the amount of cap space being saved calculates out to just under $600,000.

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