Sunday, February 03, 2008

Our Two Cents

For the fourth time in their last four Super Bowls the New England Patriots have led or been tied at half time of the game.

Here's a recap:

Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants 3 v. New England Patriots 7

Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots 7 v. Philadelphia Eagles 7

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Carolina Panthers 10 v. New England Patriots 14

Super Bowl XXXVI: St, Louis 3 v. New England 14

Original Post
There's this game being played today . . . and while we generally do not pay much attention to very many games that don't involve the Steelers, it seems as though this one might be worth offering an opinion on.

With that in mind, in the previous forty-one Super Bowls the winning teams have averaged 30.51 points (with the median at 30) while the losing teams have averaged 15.17 points (with the median at 16). The average point differential in the forty-one previous Super Bowls has been 15.34 points (with the median at 14). So it's a little surprising when looking at the three Super Bowl victories of the New England Patriots:
  • Super Bowl XXXVI: St. Louis 17 v. New England 20

  • Super Bowl XXXVIII: Carolina 29 v. New England 32

  • Super Bowl XXXIX: New England 24 v. Philadelphia 21
There seems to be a pattern there.

Having said that, this Patriots team is coming off the greatest offensive regular season in NFL history, and has continued to perform at a high level in the playoffs. Furthermore, while some have made mention of the fact that the Giants played well against New England in their earlier meeting this year, the belief here is that the Patriots' defensive brain trust (i.e. Brian Belichick and Dean Press) will be more prepared, and more creative, than the Giants' offensive brain trust (i.e. Tom Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride).

Final Score: New York Giants 13 v. New England Patriots 27