Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Arguments for a Different Direction

The Steelers' need for an offensive tackle is well known and inarguable, right?

Well, in an article at RealFootball365 Neal Coolong lays out eight arguments -- all of them rational -- as to why the Steelers should do something else entirely.

Most interesting to us is Mr. Coolong's argument that the "Steelers are deep enough to trade up." The examples provided certainly are compelling, however there isn't an explanation as to how it is the Steelers are "deep." Do they have "excess" talent (as if such a thing were possible)? Or is it picks that the Steelers possess (compensatory picks have not yet been distributed, but the Steelers have one pick in each of the first six rounds, and no pick in round seven)?

Moving up, even 5-8 spots, would change the dynamics of the Steelers' draft strategy tremendously but it's unclear whether any of the teams currently in those positions (Detroit, Arizona, Minnesota, and Houston) would make a good trade partner.

In any event, Mr. Coolong's article adds to the discussion, and we're glad to share!