Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Oh that Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic was the only thing requiring my attention!

Though the real world interrupted I'm back with some quick thoughts.
  1. James Harrison, what are you doing?: Breaking down the bathroom door? Snapping a cellphone in half? Really? Playing angry on the field is one thing, carrying it into your girlfriend's home is obviously something else entirely. Feel free to enroll in a court approved anger management program now so that your lawyer can argue for a diversion program.

  2. From one end of the spectrum to the other: The news regarding Mr. Harrison dominated the (Steelers) news for a few days, and as a result this nice story about Steelers great Levon Kirkland may have been overlooked. It seems that, after finishing his NFL career, Mr. Kirkland -- one of my favorites of all time -- returned to Clemson University to finish his undergraduate degree, is now working on a Masters degree in Sociology, and serves as "minority recruiter for Clemson's admissions department."

  3. Ben Roethlisberger's worth it, but can he do it alone?: The signing of Mr. Roethlisberger to a new contract/extension was widely rumored for some time, but now some analysis is taking place. Among the more interesting of these is an item from our friends at Football Outsiders. They take a hard look at Mr. Roethlisberger's propensity for getting smacked around, and (implicitly) wonder if the lack of protection along the offensive line will result in Mr. Roethlisberger not being able to perform like a $100,000,000 player.
There's more where that came from, and the real world should be in retreat soon, thereby allowing me more time for the passion that we all share!

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