Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steelers Looking for Depth,
Add Running Back

And you were worried that the Steelers wouldn't do anything in free agency.

Alan Faneca left, and you were convinced that the team wouldn't be able to respond.

Shame on you.

Ladies and gentleman please welcome Mewelde Moore!

Verron Haynes, we love you but it seems pretty clear that your time in Pittsburgh has drawn to an end.

Najeh Davenport, you managed to stay healthy and you contributed on kick return and kick coverage teams, but you just didn't prove to be the between-the-tackles-power-runner that the team hasn't had since Jerome Bettis left.

So what's up with Mewelde Moore? Just who is this guy? Here's a little information about the newest member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Mr. Moore had a short-lived baseball career. In three seasons with the rookie league Idaho Falls Padres he collected 37 hits in 176 at bats (.210), with four doubles, three triples, and one home run; and he was 10-for-12 in stolen bases. If the football thing doesn't work out he definitely has the numbers to play center field at PNC Park.

  • Coming out of college (Tulane), here is how Ourlads Scouting Service described him:
    "5105, 205, 3rd round. Quick into hole, good vision. Slips tacklers. Good cutting ability. Instinctive runner. Patient and runs to daylight. Good balance. Gets to outside with cutting ability. Runs good patterns. Can separate from defenders. Understands the passing game. Good athlete. Can adjust to poor pass. Good hands. Can catch ball away from body. Has stamina and endurance."
    So it seems that coming out of college at he was more like Willie Parker (only a better pass catcher) than Jerome Bettis.

  • Apparently, he has flat feet (click and scroll down)

  • The 2007 season saw Brad Childress go to a punt return by committee approach which limited the number of touches that Mr. Moore had on special teams. However in 2006, as the primary punt returner, Mr. Moore had the seventh highest number of punt returns (36), the fourth highest number of yards (365), the eighth longest return in the league that season (71 yards), and one return for a touchdown.
He may not be the answer to all the Steelers' problems, but if he can effectively return punts and spell Willie Parker for 10-15 carries a game, then this is a signing that may be more important than first meets the eye.