Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting Draft Ready: Trends

The rumors and conjecture about the upcoming draft, already white hot, will ascend to the level of "breaking news" for fans everywhere; and Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic isn't any exception!

According to the good folks at Pro Football Weekly a couple of players whose names have been linked to the Steelers are moving in opposite directions on the (mock) draft board:

Reportedly moving up is Jerod Mayo, he of the "uses his body as a weapon" comment from Ourlads Scouting Services, is now "warranting top-15 consideration."

Conversely Malcolm Kelly, the wide receiver from Oklahoma, "[h]as been removed from many teams' draft boards because of his two bad knees, one of which has been reconstructed and the other in which he has arthritis. Questionable work ethic, attitude and intelligence will not make it easy to invest heavily in him. Teams that buy the hype and think he is a great value in the second round could be disappointed. Has big-time bust potential at a position where there is a great tendency to bust."

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