Monday, July 07, 2008

Back on Duty

With the major summer holidays having now concluded (Labor Day? That's the end of summer for us, and thereby excluded from that statement) it's time to get back to work bringing you the very best Pittsburgh Steelers news and perspective available almost anywhere!

As a way of easing back into our blogging responsibilities here are a few thoughts on some of the things that have occurred since our last posting.
  • Terry Bradshaw comes clean: Much of the attention revolving around Mr. Bradshaw's June 19th interview with Dan Patrick centered on his admission that he had used steroids "to speed up injuries." More surprising however was his profession of man-love for Matthew McConaughey.

  • Steve Courson's Tome: On a related note the late Steve Courson is in the news for his 5,000 "letter" to an unnamed, intended recipient discussing the ills of the steroid culture in the National Football League. Few, if any, players were more outspoken about the lengths to which some players will go to succeed -- in 1985 Mr. Courson (then a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) was the only play to speak on-the-record in a Sports Illustrated article on the topic -- so there is no doubting the sincerity of whatever it is that Mr. Courson wrote. The concern here is that Matt Chaney, described as a "friend [of Mr. Courson's] and author" is holding the contents of the letter hostage in order to sell a book he is writing. Mr. Chaney says that "Steve [Courson] deserves this chance to continue to speak, and it was a godsend in a way to get this." We agree, and call upon Mr. Chaney to release the complete contents of the letter.

  • Troy Polamalu's Offseason: Over the past two seasons there hasn't been a more overrated defensive player in the NFL than Troy Polamalu.

    There, we said it.

    Injuries have robbed Mr. Polamalu of his ability to produce impact plays; however he is using an unconventional training regimen (not far from the SoCal headquarters of Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic) in an attempt to recapture his Pro Bowl form. NFL Network provides as video look-see.

  • LeCharles Bentley in Pittsburgh?: There's no doubt that a couple of years ago the signing of Mr. Bentley by the Steelers would have been hailed as a tremendous move. However, in 2008 the very idea that the Steelers are seriously interested in Saints' Pro Bowl center who suffered a devastating knee injury during his first practice as a member of the Cleveland Browns is an alarming admission at just how shaky things are along the Steelers' offensive line.

  • Just How Shaky is it?: According to New Era Scouting the Steelers are replacing the #3 offensive guard (Alan Faneca) with #103, Chris Kemoeatu. The Steelers' highest rated offensive guard is Kendall Simmons (#26).

  • Long-term Changes in Ownership?:The Steelers' website reports that some of the Rooney clan are looking to get out of the football business and focus on race tracks (Art Sr. would be proud). The statement released by the Rooney family assures us all that no changes in ownership are in the offing. However, we would like to suggest that the Rooney family consider moving towards a Green bay Packers model, and allow the public to purchase shares in the team. Of course such a move would require a change in NFL rules -- rules that have been upheld in court -- but the capitalization that could be achieved by selling just 49% of the team (to a bunch of hard core Steelers fans) would be mind-boggling. The NFL and the Rooney family should give it some serious thought.
The first day back after a long layoff is usually the toughest, but in this case it feels like coming home!

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