Monday, July 28, 2008

Steelers Ownership: Everyone Cares

Update: The commentary is now available, in its entirety, online.

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As mentioned frequently, Pro Football Weekly is one of our favorite publications and one that we depend upon quite heavily for the few intelligent comments that we make. So it was with great interest that we read the commentary from publisher and editor Hub Arkush in the August issue.

[While a subscription is, for now, required to read the column in its entirety PFW has a tradition of eventually making a great deal of their content available on the open web, so we'll post a link once it becomes available.]

Mr. Arkush offers one of the most digestible explanations of exactly what is going on and why the situation is so complicated, and goes on to explain ~ to Steelers fans and non-Steelers fans alike ~ just why everyone should care. Here is what we consider to be the heart of the column:
"And now to the part of this saga that disturbs me the most . . . [a]s the National Football League approached by far the greatest challenge it has faced in its long a storied history -- the need to put a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place prior to allowing 2010 to become an 'uncapped season' -- there is no single NFL owner more accomplished or respected on league issues, and in particular on labor issues . . . than Dan Rooney."
News on the ownership front has been quiet following the hysteria that associated the initial announcement that the Rooney family was seeking an outside investor, but as Mr. Arkush advises, "[k]eep an eye on this story folks, because not only do Steelers fans desperately hope Dan Rooney will maintain ownership off their favorite club, the rest of us NFL fans need him even more."

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