Monday, August 25, 2008

Are the Steelers Getting
What They're Paying For?

We are firm believers in the notion that you get what you pay for ~ or at least you should. This notion led us to examine the salaries of the starters along the Steelers' offensive line relative to those of the other teams in the AFC North. Using the depth charts for each team (as listed on and compensation information available on the NFL Player's Association website we took a look at what kind of a bargain the Steelers have gotten themselves.


Chris Kemoeatu's compensation this season, compared with that of his counterparts in the division, may be additional explanation as to why Alan Faneca is no longer with the team. Additionally, with a $6,800,000 backup at left tackle (at least for this season) the Steelers can hardly afford to pay any more at that position; however given that the starting offensive front in Pittsburgh is still the second highest paid unit in the division expectations amongst all concerned should continue to be high.