Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Punter Information

A recent item in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette does not exactly inspire confidence in the current incumbent for the Steelers' punting job. Additionally, there have been reports that the team would prefer to find a punter who can also handle kickoffs and (of course) holding for extra points and field goals.

In our posting on potential replacements for Daniel Sepulveda one of the players highlighted was Zac Atterberry. After an email conversation with a person familiar with Mr. Atterberry's experience we can now also tell you that he has "4 years+ of holding for Field Goals" and also had occasion to kick field goals "from time to time" though his abilities in the area of kickoffs "need work."

According to this same person Mr. Atterberry is thoroughly enjoying Bears' training camp; however with two veterans solidly ensconced in both the punting and kicking positions (i.e. Brad Maynard and and Robbie Gould) there is a chance that Mr. Atterberry may be available once cutdown day rolls around (8/26/08). While the Steelers might well prefer to get someone to camp sooner to compete with Paul Ernster it seems that the punting situation may remain unsettled even as the regular season begins.

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