Thursday, September 18, 2008

Steelers @ Eagles: The Matchups

The Eagles' offensive firepower is frightening and creates some serious matchup problems for the Steelers' defense.

There, we said it ~ and remember you heard it hear first.

The Steelers' physical, built to stop the run, defense will be going up against an offense that, so far this season, is passing nearly sixty percent of the time.

We're nervous and not afraid to admit it. Here's a look at this week's numbers:

Philadelphia Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: Philadelphia offense 2nd (429.5) v. Steelers defense 6th (221.0)

Average net rushing yards per game: Philadelphia offense 19th (93.0) v. Steelers defense 3rd (64.0)

Average net passing yards per game: Philadelphia offense 1st (336.5) v. Steelers defense 11th (157.0)

Average points per game: Philadelphia offense 3rd (37.4) v. Steelers defense 7th (11.5)

Steelers Offense v. Philadelphia Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers offense 23rd (293.0) v. Philadelphia defense 10th (273.0)

Average net rushing yards per game: Steelers offense 9th (150.0) v. Philadelphia defense 1st (52.0)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers offense 26th (122.0) v. Philadelphia defense 16th (221.0)

Average points per game: Steelers offense: 9th (24.0) v. Philadelphia defense 20th (22.0)

Special Teams
Average yards per punt return: Philadelphia 11th (9.9) v. Steelers 32nd (-1.0)

Average yards allowed per punt return: Philadelphia 4th (2.3) v. Steelers 14th (7.0)

Average yards per kick return: Philadelphia 13th (21.8) v. Steelers 31st (14.3)

Average yards allowed per kick return: Philadelphia 29th (28.5) v. Steelers 10th (19.1)

Net yardage punting average: Philadelphia 1st (44.6) v. Steelers 13th (39.2)

Opponent net yardage punting average: Philadelphia 25th (39.7) v. Steelers 32nd (46.7)

Turnover differential: Philadelphia 7th (+1) v. Steelers 2nd (+4)

Time of possession: Philadelphia 4th (33:04) v. Steelers 13th (30:37)

Red Zone touchdown efficiency (touchdowns): Philadelphia 9th (66.7%) v. Steelers 1st (100.0%)

Red Zone defense (touchdowns): Philadelphia 2nd (0.0%) v. Steelers 13th (40.0%)

Sacks allowed: Philadelphia 13th (4) v. Steelers 20th (5)

Some Individual Numbers
NFC Passer rating: Donovan McNabb, 1st (131.0) v. AFC Passer Rating: Ben Roethlisberger, 1st (136.3)

NFC Leading rushers: Brian Westbrook, 17th (91 yards) v. Willie Parker, 1st (243 yards)

NFC Leading receivers: Desean Jackson, 5th (12 catches, 216 yards, 18.0 per catch, 0 touchdowns) v. AFC Leading Receivers: Hines Ward, 8th (11 catches, 135 yards, 12.3 yards per catch, 3 touchdowns)

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