Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wille Parker Out? It May be
a Blessing in Disguise

The good folks at Football Outsiders have written extensively, and convincingly, of the risks of overworking running backs. Specifically, their research has shown that 370 carries in a season represents a threshold beyond which bad things ~ usually physical in nature ~ happen to an NFL running backs.

So it was with some concern that we watched Willie Parker rush the football fifty-three times in the first two weeks of the season ~ a pace that would have resulted in 424 carries for the season. The inability of the offense to generate any momentum limited Mr. Parker's carries in week three; and while we never want players to suffer injuries (especially those wearing black & gold) we are relieved that the coaching staff is now being forced to employ other running backs.

Let's just hope that Rashard Mendenhall has figured out that whole fumbling thing.

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