Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cincinnati v. Steelers: The Matchups

The Steelers go into a game against an opponent that has been struggling on offense, and cannot stop the run ~ sound familiar?

The same snapshot was widely distributed leading up to the Indianapolis game, and we all know how that turned out.

Also making us a bit nervous are the following fun facts:
  • On Thursday night the Steelers have a record of 4-4, are 2-1 at home, and are 3-0 in their last three.

  • The most recent Thursday night loss was against ~ Cincinnati ~ on October 19, 1995. The final score was 27-9.

  • Historically, the Steelers are 25-13 against the Bengals in Pittsburgh, but are only 2-2 in their most recent four games in the Steel City (the Steelers won the games in the odd number years ~ 2007 and 2005 ~ and lost the games in the even number years ~ 2006, 2004).

Never happy unless we have something about which to worry, here are this week's numbers.

Cincinnati Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: Cincinnati offense 32nd (242.6) v. Steelers defense 1st (237.6 )

Average net rushing yards per game: Cincinnati offense 30th (83.7) v. Steelers defense 1st (68.9)

Average net passing yards per game: Cincinnati offense 30th (158.9) v. Steelers defense 1st (168.7)

Average points per game: Cincinnati offense 31st (13.8) v. Steelers defense 2nd (15.0)

Steelers Offense v. Cincinnati Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers offense 25th (300.2) v. Cincinnati defense 20th (337.7)

Average net rushing yards per game: Steelers offense 23rd (99.4) v. Cincinnati defense 23rd (131.1)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers offense 18th (200.8) v. Cincinnati defense 19th (206.6)

Average points per game: Steelers offense: 23rd (20.9) v. Cincinnati defense 24th (24.9)

Special Teams
Average yards per punt return: Cincinnati 23rd (8.0) v. Steelers 30th (6.0)

Average yards allowed per punt return: Cincinnati 28th (11.7) v. Steelers 2nd (4.8)

Average yards per kick return: Cincinnati 7th (24.6) v. Steelers 31st (19.8)

Average yards allowed per kick return: Cincinnati 11th (22.2) v. Steelers 1st (19.4)

Net yardage punting average: Cincinnati 31st (33.1) v. Steelers 15th (37.4)

Opponent net yardage punting average: Cincinnati 10th (36.3) v. Steelers 25th (39.5)

Turnover differential: Cincinnati 22nd (-4) v. Steelers 20th (0)

Time of possession: Cincinnati 26th (27:48) v. Steelers 14th (30:50)

Red Zone touchdown efficiency (touchdowns): Cincinnati 23rd (50.0%) v. Steelers 4th (63.0%)

Red Zone defense (touchdowns): Cincinnati 25th (59.4%) v. Steelers 1st (34.5%)

Sacks allowed: Cincinnati 29th (35) v. Steelers 32nd (38)

Some Individual Numbers
AFC Passer rating: Ryan Fitzpatrick, 14th (71.3) v. Ben Roethlisberger, 11th (79.1)

AFC Leading rushers: Cedric Benson, 26th (283 yards) v. Willie Parker, 12th (448 yards)

Note: Chris Perry is Cincinnati's second leading rusher, 28th in the AFC, with 258 yards.

AFC Leading receivers: T.J. Houshmandzadeh, 1st (73 catches, 726 yards, 9.9 per catch, 4 touchdowns) v. Hines Ward, 9th (54 catches, 685 yards, 12.7 yards per catch, 5 touchdowns)

AFC Sack Leaders: James Harrison, 2nd (12.0) v. Antwan Odom, 32nd (3.0)

Note: LaMarr Woodley is third in the AFC in sacks with 9.5.