Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Another Game Simulation

We love game predictions based upon some kind (i.e. any kind) of simulation; and the one we found for the game coming up made us quite happy.

According to the Steelers will win their tenth game of the season, 22.8-21.2, over Dallas.

This particular forecast goes into tremendous detail ~ going so far as to provide a predicted boxscore (something all the fantasy players will no doubt appreciate) for the game.

One thing that caught our eye (beyond the final score) was the predicted performances of the starting quarterbacks. AccuScore predicts that Tony Romo will end up with a quarterback rating of 85.3 for the game, despite the fact that Mr. Romo is second in the NFL in quarterback rating for away games (95.9). Meanwhile Ben Roethliisberger is predicted to come in at a quarterback rating of 95.0 despite the fact that he is 23rd in the league in quarterback rating at home (78.6 ~ Mr. Roethlisberger's away quarterback rating is 81.5), and despite the fact that the Cowboys' defense is predicted to sack Mr. Roethlisberger 4.2 times and intercept him once.

Well, let's all hope the computer knows best.