Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Titans Week:
The Mike Tomlin Press Conference

Thanks to the auspices of ESPN 1250 we were able to listen in on Mike Tomlin's press conference. Here are some of what he said:

Opening Comments
Tennessee represents another big challenge ~ "they're in pole position in the AFC . . . thye're very good in all areas . . . +10 in turnovers . . . well-coached by Jeff Fisher."

Lendale White and Chris Johnson "are spectacular."

Kerry Collins "utilizes all five eligibles" ~ throwing passes to everyone. He is equally effective in short passing and vertical passing.

The Tennessee offensive line is outstanding.

The Titans' defense has great continuity ~ Keith Bulluck is one of the "best linebackers in the game."

On special teams, Chris Carter is a "dynamic return man."

No major injuries were sustained in the game versus Baltimore.

The team is beginning to get healthy "at the appropriate time."

William Gay and Mewelde Moore have both taken advantage of the opportunities presented by the injuries that the Steelers have suffered.

The coaching staff is working to keep the players "humble and grounded," and the schedule (i.e. the tough teams on the schedule) helps in that regard.

Tennessee rotates defensive linemen, and all of them have been effective in the 4-3 scheme. The Titan's defense is dominant because of their excellent players.

Willie Parker is a very important part of the football team ~ "he's a worker who just wants to win;" and that is why Mr. Parker went out for the coin toss versus Baltimore.

The Baltimore special teams did an excellent job effecting field position(negatively for the Steelers), but Pittsburgh is "mentally tough football team," and as a result they were able to overcome that challenge.

The Steelers are trying to stay focused by living "one snap at a time."

Lendale White "appears" to be an unselfish back who shares carries as a professional after having done so in college as well.

Mr. Tomlin declined to tell the reporters what he would have done if Santonio Holmes had not been ruled in the end zone (i.e. on fourth down).

The comeback wins that the Steelers have had the last two weeks have "strengthened the resolve" of the team, and is preparing them for the playoffs.

"There's nothing mystical about home field [advantage in the playoffs]" other than having the home crowd on the team's side.

The ability to "not ride the emotional roller coaster" enables teams to see situations clearly, and make corrections.

The Steelers' receivers are capable of making plays, and demonstrated that in the winning drive versus Baltimore.

Kerry Collins does not make mistakes, and "is very inclusive" in distributing the ball ~ getting consistent pressure on the quarterback (not necessarily sacks) is critical to any success the Steelers might have on Sunday.

On Ben Roethlisberger, Mr. Tomlin said "I'm glad he plays for us."

The Steelers are "fresher" both physically and mentally because they are winning.