Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An homage to Dan Rooney

For the best Steelers coverage in the mainstream media we are partial to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but occasionally news outlets outside of western Pennsylvania discover just how special the Steelers are.

One such outlet is the New York Times, a paper that is beginning to make Steelers coverage a habit ~ and a good habit at that.

Last Friday they ran a great piece on John Mitchell, the Steelers' defensive line coach and the first African-American to play football at Alabama.

On Monday they had a piece on head coach Mike Tomlin (a piece that actually revealed some things we did not know about Mr. Tomlin).

Tuesday they offer a heart warming look at Dan Rooney. There is not much new information in the article, but that is hardly a reason not to read it ~ after all, it is still about the Steelers

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