Friday, January 30, 2009

A Professional Preview

Our "preview" of Super Bowl XLIII was short, and quite general.

Meanwhile, the folks at Football Outsiders have come up with their preview, and it is lengthy and exquisitely detailed. Here is the bottom line:
Perhaps the Arizona Cardinals will become legendary, the ultimate underdog that finally turned around a franchise-long history of losing. Larry Fitzgerald grew up in Minnesota, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind playing the role of Kirby Puckett, leading an inferior team to victory on the ultimate stage. More likely, Super Bowl XLIII will go down as yet another glorious moment in the long, storied history of the modern NFL's most successful franchise, and the Arizona Cardinals will go down as just another mediocre opponent eventually wiped from the earth by the Terrible Towel of Fate. Hey, nobody remembers the 1979 Rams either.

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