Sunday, February 01, 2009

More from James Harrison:
"I could go to sleep right here"

(on his record breaking interception return for a touchdown) “We had a play call one where we were basically on a max blitz. Kurt [Warner] had to get it out and so he had to throw a quick slant in or out and I guessed on and in and basically just shifted out, flowed out, and he threw it straight to me. After that it was about my teammates helping me get to the other end. Will and determination to try and do what you need to do and help the team win the game.”

(on the defensive play call on his interception) “It was really a max blitz, I was supposed to be on the running back so I just really slowed up.”

(on how long the field looked when he was running) “You know it got short when I first started and then it got long again and then it got a little shorter towards the middle and then the end I was just, I am already here there is no need to try and stop. You just got to keep going.”

(on his laying down on his back after scoring the touchdown) “I kinked my neck a little bit and air was a problem too.”

(on if he saw Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald chasing him) “I was seeing jerseys that were friendly and jersey’s that weren’t. That is really about it. I saw two jerseys that weren’t friendly at the end, and that was it.”

(on the Arizona blocking scheme and if it gave them problems) “They were doing a lot of protection where they were turning. I felt like it was ok. Coach LeBeau calls a great defense, everything worked out, our offense came through at the end for us.”

(on what was going through his mind when he reached the endzone) “I had a little burn in my neck and I was tired as a dog.”

(on if there was any doubt that he would make it to the endzone) “I was going to make it. I’m not going to lie, it was a quarter tank. But I ended up making it.”

(on the highs and lows of the game) “One second you are on cloud nine and the next second you feel like a piece of garbage, like you just let the whole team and organization down. Then the offense goes out there and comes through for us. They did the same thing in Baltimore and I just can’t say enough about that group.”

(on if he was expecting the game to end the way it did) “You know I was hoping it wouldn’t end the way it did but they have a good offense. They have a good group of receivers. They have a good quarterback in [Kurrt] Warner. They were able to come through and make plays. You know they get paid too.”

(on if he felt pretty good with the lead that they had) “Yeah of course we felt good. That is a position that we really feel like it’s not possible to score that many points on us but they were able to do that and a little more. That’s why we have an offense too. They came through and they did what they had to do to help us out.”

(on if this is the best game he has ever been a part of) “I don’t know. It is definitely the most emotional game I have ever been a part of. I have never been so emotionally drained in my life. I am just so tired right now man, I could go to sleep right here.”

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