Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Expanding the schedule

In a previous posting we speculated/hoped that the reconfiguration of the NFL's offseason would result in additional regular season games being added to the schedule.

Our wish is, apparently, going to come true.

According to a report from Judy Battista of the New York Times (who, we believe, has the press credential to the owner's meetings that would have otherwise been ours) the league is making plans to add "at least one regular-season game while reducing the preseason schedule." According to the report such a change would not occur any sooner than the 2011 season.

One can only wonder how the head coaches around the league will feel about such a change, and the players will surely want a piece of the enhancement to the league's revenue stream. As season ticket holders we would love such a change ~ paying a regular season price for an exhibition game has always seemed a bit exorbitant ~ and hope that it can be implented as quickly as practicable.

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