Sunday, March 22, 2009

NFL Owner's Meetings: A Preview

We have to admit to a little disappointment. The NFL Owner's meetings are being held in Dana Point, California; and to say that the location of those meetings is close to home would be an understatement ~ indeed the hotel where the meetings are at is a stopping point for our weekend bike ride. But the league turned down our credential request (it is hard to blame them ~ you have seen this blog, do you think of us as "media"?), so we are relying on the usual suspects for our information ~ just like you.

The folks at Pro Football Weekly are predicting big changes including a shift in when the draft is held which in turn would alter the college all-star games (e.g. the Senior Bowl) and the Combine.

All of that is well-and-good, but what concerns those of us who love the game (both during the season and the off-season) is a desire amongst league leaders to "create a lengthy break from league business — allowing for ample downtime in May and June."

One can only hope that such a reconfiguration of the off-season would improve the potential for an additional game (or two) to the regular season ~ anything to breakup the monotony!