Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back for Another Season

Unlike luminaries such as Peter King, Ed Bouchette, and whoever it is that is writing at Pro Football Talk, I am unable to create interesting postings out of thin air ~ i.e. once the football season is over it is nearly impossible for me to do any writing that would be worth your time or mine. But with the first preseason game just hours away the creative juices are beginning to flow. Of course, I would not want to pull a muscle by going too hard too early, so here are a few thoughts on which Steelers players are under the microscope already:
  • Rashard Mendenhall : Ed Bouchette outlines the questions that the team and Mr. Mendenhall have to answer; and given the fact that the Steelers currently have no fewer than seven running backs on the roster it seems that they are hedging their bets. Another item that focuses on Mr. Mendenhall was in the Sporting News on Wednesday

  • Dennis Dixon : This is a physically gifted player who may be in search of a position. He threw a single pass during the 2008 regular season, and despite the fact the Byron Leftwich moved on to greener pastures the Steelers seemed nearly desperate to bring Charlie Batch back for another season. If Mr. Dixon does not impress in the first couple of games he may be looking for a new team before the regular season begins.

  • Lawrence Timmons : Having been in attendance at the AFC Divisional playoff game during which Mr. Timmons chased down Chargers' running back Darren Sproles ~ from behind ~ there is no doubt about the speed that Lawrence Timmons brings to the defense. However, it remains to be see whether or not his speed will be much of an asset in replacing Larry Foote at inside linebacker. Additionally, despite situational play, Mr. Timmons was fourth in sacks (5.0). So will he be stout enough inside for the Black & Gold defense to remain a league leader versus the run and who will replace him as the situational pass rusher?
Thursday evening's game begins the process of answering those questions; and, unless I'm wrong, at the same time many more questions are sure to emerge. Now that the players are back on the field I'll be at my post illuminating and informing on all the developments.

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